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Hydro-Qube QB5 SPECS

Constructed from powder coated aluminium – Components = 316L Stainless Steel
Productivity – – 250ml – 500ml per minute
Atomic proportions of GAS Production – Hydrogen – 66.6% Oxygen – 33.3% Cell operating temperature – 23-35 degrees Celsius

AC Power Supply 220 – 240V & 110V converted to 24V DC Weight – 9kg
Dimensions – H=300mm W=300 D=250mm Volume/Flow control


1 x Quick release dedicated line (1.5M)
1 x Quick release dedicated water infusion line 1 x 2-micron stainless steel diffuser
Second dryer filter
Internationally Certified AC to DC Power Supply

Hydro-Qube QB5 Molecular Hydrogen Generator