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Protects against: 2G-5G Cellular, WiFi and EMF
Torus field: Yes. 

Qi-Technology is the only EMF (Electromagnetic Field) protection technology that is proven through double-blind studies to protect you completely from the radiation in EM fields. It will protect you from cellular (including 5G), WiFi, and other EMFs. Users report they no longer have to turn off their wireless routers and that their home or office feels more relaxing. The Qi-Home Cell has an effective torus field size of up to 3,000 square feet. The torus field extends 50 feet in the horizontal direction (50’ radius) and vertically for 16 feet above and below the device.

Many people suffer from the effects of EMFs, the electromagnetic fields that constantly surround us. Until now, you could not fully protect yourself from these fields and their radiation. With the revolutionary Qi-Technology from Germany you can now protect your entire home with a barrier to EMF radiation. Rest assured that this protection will not interfere with your cellular mobile devices or WiFi signals, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are protected from their harmful and damaging EMFs.

The Qi-Home Cell is the ideal product for protection of most homes If greater coverage is required for a 3-story home, or large office space, use the Qi-Max. The unique Qi- Technology will convert your home into a true sanctuary protected from the radiation in EM fields.

Key Features of the Qi-Home Cell

Generates Protective Energy
Qi-Home Cell generates its own power and produces a torus field filled with electrons. These electrons neutralize free radicals and form a protective layer of electrons on your body. When radiation from cellular, WiFi, and other EMF sources comes in contact with you, the electrons provide protection from radiation penetrating your body and reacting with cell membranes. Qi-Home users report increased energy, stamina, focus and reduced feelings of stress while in the home, at work and while traveling.

Energizes Water
Every Qi-Home Cell contains vials of proprietary liquid that contain all visible light frequencies. While no natural water possesses 100% of visible frequencies, people flock to the best “healing waters” on earth that only have up to 80% of those light frequencies. The Qi-Home will change any water within the torus field to provide properties like the "healing waters" of the earth. Studies show that water near Qi devices will increase to -100mV by receiving electrons from the Qi-Technology. This gives the water anti-oxidant properties.

Reduces Impact of Radiation
Qi-Home Cell protects against harmful radiation including that caused by cellular (including 5G) mobile phones, electrical wiring in the home, and electromagnetic smog.

Improves Air Quality
Air contains water. The water molecules are positively influenced and improved by Qi- Technology and, as a result, air quality is enhanced.

Longer Lasting Food
With the Qi-Home Cell, food in your home (including in the refrigerator) can last longer and may taste better.

Reduced Adrenaline Production
EMFs have been shown to increase the amount of adrenaline our bodies produce. With the Qi-Technology products, your body may produce less which can result in lower stress, better sleep, and other desirable benefits.

No External Power Required
Qi-Technology functions on natural laws with proprietary technology that does not require external power to be “on." Qi-Home Cell generates its own power and is most efficient when located in a central living area of the home. To deactivate or “turn off” the device simply put the Qi-Home on its’ side.

Fully Functional in 24 Hours
Enjoy the full benefits of EMF protection from the Qi-Home Cell within 24 hours of placement in your home or office space. Most electro-sensitive users experience noticeable change within 48-72 hours, after their body adjusts to the increase of protective electrons and the absence of penetrating EMF radiation.

Specifications of Qi-Home Cell:

Wood type: Walnut (dark) or Maple (light)Effective

Coverage: 50' x 50' | 16' above & below

Product Dimensions: 5.25in* (h) × 15.75in (d) / 13.3cm x 40cmProduct Weight: 20.9 lbs. / 9.48 kg

Shipping Weight/Dimensions: 33 lbs. / 14.97 kg | 20in x 20in x 10in / 50.8cm x 50.8cm x 25.4cm

* 6 inch height w/legs

Product Lifetime: min. 8-year duration with 1 recharge after 8 years of use. You only pay for shipping.

Warranty: 2-year warranty

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Qi Home EMF Protection

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