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Protects against: 2-5G (up to 75% protection with 5G), Cellular, EMF. Protects 3' in all directions. 
For full 5G protection, use Shield, Home or Max. 

 Qi-Technology is the ONLY proven technology in the world that protects you from the radiation of an electromagnetic field (EMF). The Qi-Me is designed to protect one It is easy to carry with you wherever you go. You can have peace of mind knowing you are being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go! The Qi-Me has an effective protection size of 3 feet in all directions.

The Qi-Me comes in different wood types allowing you to have the look that fits your taste and matches your individuality. There is no difference in protection between the wood choices.

Many people are affected by EMFs, but are unaware that this is the cause of their headaches, lightheadedness or discomfort. As new studies are published and more information become available, people will better understand that the potential cause of their issues is radiation from EMFs.

The Qi-Me is safe for everyone including babies, children and pets. Your cell phone and other wireless signals will still work since Qi-Me only targets the radiation from those devices.

Specifications of Qi Me EMF Protection:

Effective Radius: Up to 3 ft.Product Dimensions: 3in (H) x 5in (L) x .75in (W)Product Weight: Approx. .77 lb. / 0.45 kgShipping Weight/Dimensions: 2 lbs. / 0.91 kg | 7in x 6in x 4in Product Lifetime: 5-year duration with maintenance-free protection. Technology Warranty: 2 years.

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Qi Me EMF Protection

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