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Dual Package: adds a 2nd panel and discoutns 5% off each panel

Red Reactive® with QuadraFLUX™ sets the standard

Red Reactive® is the most powerful LED panel at 110mW/cm2, with not just two, but 4 wavelengths. All other brands have only 1 or 2 wavelengths and offer irradiance less than 100. In addition, you have full control of the frequency (pulse rate of the LEDs from 10-500 Hz). Clinical grade, but designed for home use, the Red Reactive allows for 10 min sessions that produce exceptional outcomes. No need to run two, side by side or stacked. One R3 Red Reactive panel is powerful enough expose your upper body in one 10 minute session. Easily hangs and adjusts from your door. Turn on Red, Near-infrared or both. Control time & frequency. Backed by a 2 year warranty, Red Reactive is built to last. Easy touch panel quickly adjusts your settings and the air controlled cooling system offers superior venting for the longest lasting LED panel on the market. 

Yes, there are less expensive systems on the market, but you'll need a few units side by side to match our power, wavelengths and depth penetration.  Nothing feels quite like Red Reactive. 


Red Reactive R1 Light Panel Specs

LED TYPES: GaAIAs Light Emitting Diodes

MODEL: Red Reactive R3 Wellness Body Light

WAVELENGTHS: 633nm / 810nm / 850nm / 940nm

OPERATION MODE: CW and Variable Pulse



OPERATION INTERFACE: Touch &  Hz Knob (rear)


LED CLASS:  Class 1



DIMENSIONS: 38” x 9” x 2.5”

WEIGHT: 35 lbs.

SAFETY COMPLIANCE: EN 55015:2013A1:2015


HARDWARE: Door hanger with cables

WARRANTY: 2 years

Red Reactive R3 LED Light Panel

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