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Made in USA by Summit to Sea

The Grand Dive Pro Plus is quite possibly the best quality and safest Hyperbaric "soft chamber" on the market. Largest chamber of the Summit line. Wheelchairs and gurneys can roll right in and healthcare providers can remain inside with room to spare. 

Summit to Sea is the only company that provides support 7 days a week. 

All Summit models utilize redundant compressors for optimal reliability and translucent material allowing for a bright & airy interior (which feels less claustrophobic than other chambers). The patented sound suppression system offers a quite and relaxing session.

Summit to Sea has been manufacturing Class II chambers for over 30 years and the devices are examined by Institutional Review Boards to ensure quality and safety. You won't find any chambers exceeding this level of quality and service at a better price. Guaranteed. 

Summit to Sea Grand Dive Pro Plus Specifications

  • 60" in diameter

  • 103" long (8.5')

  • 4 redundant compressors for added safety

  • The Grand Dive Pro Plus is uniquely designed with a large spacious entrance

  • Double sided circumferential zippers for ease of entry and exit (can be operated from the inside or the outside of the chamber)

  • Includes an external furniture-grade PVC frame

  • Plenty of room for multiple people or plenty of room to exercise inside the chamber

  • Comes with redundant compressors (4) for added safety

  • An air relief valve is provided at each end of the chamber

  • Spacious and roomy

  • Light and bright

  • Weighs approximately 50 pounds

  • Includes four air relief valves for safely achieving a maximum of 4.4 PSI

  • Two auxiliary valves

  • Two large viewing windows

  • Carrying case

  • Four high-efficiency electric air pumps with patented sound suppression and in-line air filtration

Summit To Sea Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber

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