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Red Light Therapy Panels & Whole Body Light Beds


R1 Red Reactive
$1049 & free shipping

Or, $25.00 a month 


R3 Red Reactive
$1789 & free shipping

Or, $35.00 a month


TheraLight FIT

Or, $900 a month


TheraLight 360 HD

Or, $1400 a month

This technology is not a far-infrared sauna that creates heat. Just the opposite. This does not replace the sun and despite what you've heard, you cannot get the same benefits being outdoors. This is red (visible) and near-infrared (non-thermal invisible light) that is commonly used in class 3b and class 4 pain management/wound healing lasers adopted by Doctors world wide. Those devices typically produce very powerful focused beams of light deep into the skin and can only be operated by licensed practitioners. This is called photobiomodulation therapy or PBMT. This same technology that has been FDA cleared to reduce pain (by slowing oxidative stress) is now available in a user-friendly whole body pods & panels that can be owned and operated by anyone. The LEDs that emit light produce a diffused version of the lasers, so it's safe on the eyes. 

Scientific Evidence for PBMT


  • 4,000 laboratory tests

  • 550 RCTs (randomized controlled trails)

  • 167 systematic reviews

  • 30 new research papers a month

When researching, Google "PBM" or "PBMT."

For a complete explanation of this technology, read "5 keys to the best red light therapy results."

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